3d试机号:工业级 CF 卡

北京11选5怎么玩法 www.r9ab.cn 仙人掌科技的工业级 CF 卡,是今天市场上最可靠和非常耐用的快闪存储产品,产品采用最高品质的 SLC NAND,适合需要数据完整和100%正常运作时间的应用。从1995年开始,CF 的外观形状尺寸一直沿用到现在,它体积小,结构坚固,非常合适嵌入式的快闪存储需要。

仙人掌提供多种工业级的 CF 卡,可以满足不同的应用需要。每个产品均有常温和宽温两种选择,Pro 系列产品更支持很多特别的功能,包括军规的数据删除、写?;?、安全?;?、锁卡等。如果您需要一个特制的方案,欢迎联系我们。

工业级 CF 卡功能

  • 体积小、坚固耐用、非??煽?、符合CF标准的快闪储存
  • 可选择能支援写?;?、CTPurge等附加功能的Pro系列

Physical Write Protect Switch Compact Flash

Cactus Industrial Compact Flash cards are available with a Physical Write Protect Switch (-WP1 suffix) option in the 303 Pro CF Series.

When the switch on the bottom right rail of the Industrial CF Card is in the disabled postion the card can be read and written to normally. However, when the write protect switch is enabled, the card can only be read - any writes are not processed.

More details are in the 303 Pro Industrial Compact Flash Card product manual or feel free to contact a Cactus Expert.

Compact Flash to PC Card Adapter

actus has a Compact Flash to PC Card adapter for applications using a Compact Flash card in the larger sized PC Card form factor slots.

The CF to PC Card adapter converts the 50-pin Compact Flash interface to the 68-pin PC Card (previously known as PCMCIA) standard. Once a CompactFlash card is in the adapter, it meets the form, fit and function of a PC Memory Card.

This adapter is meant to be used with Cactus Technologies Compact Flash cards and can be used with a CompactFlash card in volume production systems if required.

Please contact Cactus if you need specific details regarding this adapter.

Compact Flash Extender Card for Development

To ease the access to the CompactFlash card signals during an OEM's design, Cactus created the CF Extender Card.

The CF Extender Card plugs into the standard CF slot and provides a slot for the CF card at the other end. On the PCB the signals are labeled so that they can be probed as necessary during development.

This is only meant for development of Cactus CF cards and is not available as a production product. Please contact Cactus if you need specific details regarding this adapter.

Silicon Systems Inc Compact Flash, WD Compact Flash and STEC Compact Flash

Several Industrial Compact Flash suppliers have discontinued their embedded flash card offerings once being acquired by a larger company. For convenience, Cactus has created a cross reference page of many of the most popular model numbers of these vendors and an equivalent or higher reliability Cactus SLC Compact Flash solution.

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